On or off? : UniformedMen - reddit


FREE1. level 1. · 7 mo. ago. Off would be the best, less to have to fumble with while getting you rock hard for some action! 👅. 1. level 1. · 7 mo. ago. Leave ‘em on I’ll take em off. 1. ... See Details

On or off? :) : girlsinyogapants - Reddit


FREEA reminder for r/girlsinyogapants users: this is a subreddit for pictures of butts in, ideally, yoga pants. We're pretty easygoing when it comes to whether something is technically an yoga pant, or something that just happens to look like yoga pants. Or is just tight and illustrates butt nicely. ... See Details

On or off? : 4skinoverhang


FREEr/4skinoverhang. Long foreskins, anteaters, skin snouts, acroposthions. Flaccid or erect, we love them all! (18+ to post here!) All who love foreskin are welcome to join, but only foreskin overhang should be posted. No negative comments against foreskin or community members will be tolerated. Foreskin is natural and we love it. ... See Details

G sync on or off? : gaming - reddit


FREEIt's better than vsync with a much smaller input latency footprint. no tearing and less input lag as compared to normal vsync or freesync is a great compromise. Makes no difference in how I well I play though. Edit: down vote all you want but the information is there for anyone to look up. Gsync is better than vsync. ... See Details

Windows Game Mode - On or Off? : buildapc - reddit


FREEI'm grateful for the advice of u/HomerNarr that I start with a completely new system in a new case to reduce the stress if something goes wrong with the build. Also, many have suggested that I get a new power supply. Obviously, that is good advice. But I'm still on the fence as the price increases with new components added to the planning. ... See Details

On or Off : ExtraSmall


FREEHere we celebrate those women with less curves and slimmer bodies. You are beautiful! All activity MUST be 18+. OC only. Girl in the avatar is the one and only u/skylagreys 🤍. 79.7k. ... See Details

Should MRPT be on or off? : Monitors - reddit


FREEBasically the light turns on and off with each hertz to reduce image persistence and improve motion clarity. But the maximum brightness is reduced a lot. So if I put it "on" I will get a clearer view of motion. I also read something about Input lagg and that it will affect it. ... See Details

The answer to having Bullet Tracers ON or OFF - reddit


FREEImo the optimal setting would be off for self but on for enemies, but sadly its not a thing in valorant. Imo bullet tracers are very important and shouldn't be turned off, it's like nerfing yourself. Best thing would be bullet tracers on for enemies but off for yourself/ your team. But valorant hasn't got that yet. ... See Details

On or off : WeddingRingsShowing


FREE251k members in the WeddingRingsShowing community. A place for those who have a thing for married/engaged women and couples. Nude, non-nude, and … ... See Details

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